South Africa bitumen prices    25/05/2016

In South Africa, Bitumen rack prices gone down by USD 10 PMT since last week and are currently in the range of USD 270 - 280 PMT. The average bitumen prices in USD PMT for prices in South Africa were USD 240 PMT in January 2016, while in February & March prices remained constant & prices reported at USD 240 PMT. Prices hiked up in April & prices reported at USD 270 PMT. In current month i.e. mid May 2016, prices have increase by USD 5 PMT (2%) as compared to last month price & reported at USD 275 PMT. Since January 2016, prices have firmed up by USD 35 PMT (15%) in May 2016.

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Updated on: 24/04/2018
$ 315.00  PMT
$ 315.00  PMT

Updated on : 24/04/2018
  • Bahrain $ 330.00   PMT
  • Thailand $ 320.00   PMT
  • Singapore $ 445.00   PMT
  • Taiwan $ 310.00   PMT
  • Korea,South $ 290.00   PMT
  • Japan $ 320.00   PMT

 CFR Price
CFR Price
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