E-business is gradually replacing the global business trend in today's world. Maybe we will see our children or grandchildren in future that going to a certain location as the work place become meaningless and there will be no more boundaries for them to perform their business in a particular place.

Networking business has been growing so fast during the past 15 years and it seems like it is moving forward with no limitation,  So best policy is to get attached and connected to such a fast and rapid growing train in order not to be left behind.
E-Commerce has become one of the most controversial topics and concerns of the big organizations .
Without E-Business, we cannot get connected to the world as the way we should be.
We have spent a lot of money to make it easier for our customers to trace and monitor their business with us. You can Track and trace your shipmen with us from the moment that cargo is in the factory and being packed and drummed.
until it is delivered to the shipping line. You can check when your cargo is sailing on the water, on which ports it is being Trans shipped and what is the estimated time of arrival to your required destination.
We have put away the traditional way of asking the situation of your cargo by picking up the phone and calling us or sending us am E-Mail, and set you free to view the latest situation of your cargo in our Tracking System online and live, only by inserting the tracking number that you have already received for your bitumen inquiry, automatically through the website.
Moreover, you will receive automatic notifications by E-Mail to inform you on the latest development of your purchase order.
You can also have. Record of your past year performance with us and can easily pull a report from our website that how many metric tons have you purchased from us during the last year and you can also have the report set in different formats, such as BL by BL or location by location and etc....

In the meantime those clients who submit their inquiry online Instead of sending price request through E-Mails, Not only they could register their details in our website and enjoy our weekly bitumen prices as well as latest news on bitumen market but also benefit from more competitive prices with longer validities.

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