Payment Terms
Payment Terms

Documents to be prepared to the customers are as follows:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Container List
  • Certificate of Quality And Quantity
  • Original liner Bill Of Lading
  • Certificate Of Origin

All above documents will be prepared within a week after cargo departure from the load port.

Payment has so far become one of critical part of the international business nowadays which will result the contract  into a happy ending deal or a conflicted scenario.  
Facing with severe problems in regards to receiving our payment from our valued customers, we have decided to imply the major payment term as under;

1- We sign a contract, which will be signed by both seller and buyer.
2- We collect 30% down payment equal to the value of the contract.
3- We ship the cargo from Jebel Ali.
4- Once cargo shipped, we provide you with a scanned copy of original BL for verification with shipping agent at your end.
5- Once full value of the cargo paid by you, we courier you the original documents directly.

For your advance payment we do not present any guarantee such as bank guarantee, performance bond or etc... But we can provide you with a signed and stamp contract.
We collect the 30% down-payment as a kind of collateral. It means once we shipped the cargo, should we face with any failure from buyer to transfer the due balance of the invoice, we either arrange to return back the cargo to
origin, or we hold the cargo on one of the trans shipment ports to re-sell or re-negotiate it to a new buyer, henceforth on this occasion, the down-payment will be used.

It is also worth mentioning that to buy certain products from most of the reputable refineries in the world, you have to pay 100% of the funds in advance and wait in queue for a certain period to get your cargo! Therefore our payment
policy is a little bit more flexible.

The reason we have chosen such payment method after years of experience is that bitumen is an expensive product and we cannot spend /involve our financial resources for those who are not serious in the business and might cancel their order after we purchase the cargo from refinery....

Genuine buyers who know the market well and are serious enough to buy products are prepared to pay in advance to get the right products, just like our existing valuable clients who have always been supporting us.

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