Packing has always been one of the main concerns of bitumen transportation.  Leakage is known to be the most common problem in loading bitumen. We use minimum 0.6 mm body thickness drums to avoid such problem.  We also pull over a long plastic sheet at the bottom of the containers to avoid bitumen stain splash on the container floor.Bitumen drums are also stowed in an organized way in the container so as to make minimum possible shakings during the sailing on the oceans.

We stuff 110x Bitumen Drums into one 20’ dry container. Weight of each is 180 +/-3 KG so it can totally fit 20 Metric Ton cargo per 20’DC.  For big Bitumen Drums, we use Iron sheet with 1 MM body thickness and such bitumen drums have the capacity of about 220 KG bitumen.. We can fit 80 x of such drums into one 20’ Dry container and again total gross weight of the container would be 20 MTs including bitumen and drums tare weight.

We can also use poly bags to carry bitumen mainly known as Bitupacks. These bags are made by polymer – two layer bags - and have the capacity of 800 ~ 1000 KG bitumen inside.  We can fit 22 MTs bitumen into one 20’ dry container by using poly-bags; however such packing is only available upon request from the client at least one month in advance.


Packing is also available based on your desirable choice of drums, such as bitumen drums of 98 cm height with 180 +\- 3 kg capacity made by new steel iron sheets known as standard drums.

For inland destinations thicker drums of 1 mm body thickness with 220 kg capacity are also available.

We have moreover met the needs of the South East Asian countries that - due to the nature of their business and market- need smaller bitumen steel drums. We have drums of 58 cm height with capacity of 155 kg mainly used in Indonesia and Bangladesh.

Other types of packing is also available such as bitumen in poly bags of 1000 kg and 800 kg which can normally fit 22 MTs per 20'  dry containers and are melt able in bitumen melting machines.

Updated on: 24/04/2018
$ 315.00  PMT
$ 315.00  PMT

Updated on : 24/04/2018
  • Bahrain $ 330.00   PMT
  • Thailand $ 320.00   PMT
  • Singapore $ 445.00   PMT
  • Taiwan $ 310.00   PMT
  • Korea,South $ 290.00   PMT
  • Japan $ 320.00   PMT

 CFR Price
CFR Price
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