One of the gold key successes of our business is its attached combination with shipping knowledge.

We have been fully trained with complete shipping knowledge as well as international business terms, henceforth
can accompany your shipment with fastest possible delivery from A to Z.

Shipping is one of the major parts of the international business and trade and has always been one of the main concerns of the traders in the history.
A successfully shipping will result in a successful delivery of the products...
Delivery time or in other terms. Lead time of delivering the bitumen from the spot A to destination B and finally to the construction site, is not ever less important that providing the high quality bitumen.
We have well trained staff who has also passed shipping courses in high educational shipping schools such as MLS ( Maersk Learning Centre) who can easily help you to lead your products to get to the destination within shortest possible transit time.
We can now easily identify which shipping company is more qualified for your territory at the right price, however it is worth mentioning that we normally use first-class shipping lines under P&I club.
With a close and intimate relationship that our staff have builds up with shipping companies over the years, we can trace your cargo every second once it is sailing on the oceans and we are capable of performing various shipping- related inquiries of our customers at the right time, such as;
COD ( change of destination ) before cargo arrival to the final destination, BL Switch at trans shipment ports. Extra free demurred and detention at destination port and finally leasing the containers at a right price for a particular period of time.
Competitive freight levels are also out of discussion, as our freight levels have so far proven to be the bests among other competitors of ours.

Updated on: 24/04/2018
$ 315.00  PMT
$ 315.00  PMT

Updated on : 24/04/2018
  • Bahrain $ 330.00   PMT
  • Thailand $ 320.00   PMT
  • Singapore $ 445.00   PMT
  • Taiwan $ 310.00   PMT
  • Korea,South $ 290.00   PMT
  • Japan $ 320.00   PMT

 CFR Price
CFR Price
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We have applied an incentive rebate program for our regular customers known as incentive rebate program which is based on one-year activity of a particular customer with GILDA TAR
The IRP ( Incentive Rebate Program) a certain value of rebate for particular quantity within one year. the RIP starts with $ 2/- pmt rebate for the 1st 2,000 mts ordered by a single customer and it increases on succeeding orders within a year.
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