Drummed bitumen has been the most common type of packaging during the past 15-20 years. Qualities of the drums have been improving during these years. Therefore most of the bitumen buyers around the world, prefer to have drummed bitumen for their purchase orders.
We normally use New Steel Drums for packing.  Drums vary in terms of net weight capacity, height and body thickness.

We have following types of drums;

140 KG net
155 KG net
182 KG net
220 KG net

140 KG and 155 KG net weight drums are normally used for South East Asia market, mainly in Indonesia and Bangladesh. 

In regards to body thickness, we have following types of drums ;
0.6 mm
0.7 mm
1 mm

1mm drums normally are the same 220 KG net weight drums. These drums are also used for Oil products.  The most common and standard drums have the body thickness of 0.6 mm.
Height of the drums are 98 CMs for standard drums and 86 CM for small drums ( 140 KG and 155 KE net drums ) , however we have the  required tools to adjust the height of the drums, based on the customer’s choice. 

Updated on: 24/04/2018
$ 315.00  PMT
$ 315.00  PMT

Updated on : 24/04/2018
  • Bahrain $ 330.00   PMT
  • Thailand $ 320.00   PMT
  • Singapore $ 445.00   PMT
  • Taiwan $ 310.00   PMT
  • Korea,South $ 290.00   PMT
  • Japan $ 320.00   PMT

 CFR Price
CFR Price
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We have applied an incentive rebate program for our regular customers known as incentive rebate program which is based on one-year activity of a particular customer with GILDA TAR
The IRP ( Incentive Rebate Program) a certain value of rebate for particular quantity within one year. the RIP starts with $ 2/- pmt rebate for the 1st 2,000 mts ordered by a single customer and it increases on succeeding orders within a year.
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